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What We Offer

The best way to minimize security and privacy risks is to increase awareness among your employees. Security awareness training can be booked in one hour increments and will be done in person. The training is available to IT Staff as well employees in other areas. The training session will cover the most crucial topics regarding digital security and privacy.

Chamfered Technology offers services that test many areas in order test security across applications, environments, as well as many other areas. Is your website secure? Are the software packages you have secure and updated? Is your office area secure and your laptop/desktop safe? We can test all of that and provide you with secure solutions. 

Organizations are quickly trying to adapt to today’s technology filled workplaces. Many organizations have adopted the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policy which has many advantages, but can also lead to Information Leakage and Privacy Concerns. There are also many other risks and threats that organizations face each and every day. Chamfered Technology will audit and provide you with best practices and solutions to ensure your privacy. 


of online attacks are done through phishing scams


of websites have a critical vulnerability


of breaches stem from inadvertent misuse of data by employees


of organizations will experience an attack due to the theft of a mobile device

Security Services

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Whatever the disaster is, it is important to have a plan for it so that business can resume as fast as possible and limit any kind threat exposure.


Pen Testing

A controlled attack on your network that looks for vulnerabilities

Wireless Security

A test of your wireless network to determine what information is being sent over WiFi and if any sensitive data is being sent over the Internet

Physical Security

A Physical Security Review will determine if this physical data is properly secured and if not, it will provide recommendations on how to increase security.

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